Pure Tissue Repair:

prova The Guarnieri’s Technique for Inguinal Hernia repair An analysis of 5700 hernia operations

ABSTRACT: The Guarnieri’s technique for inguinal hernia repair was developed by Antonio Guarnieri on December 1988. The basic principle of this technique was to modify the anatomy of the inguinal canal that develops the hernia without modifying the physiology. The technique can be performed either with mesh or without, but the goal of the expert surgeon should be to perform this operation without mesh respecting the physiology of the inguinal canal. Pure tissue repair, this is the aim of this technique. This technique can be considered “tension free” even in cases where the mesh is not used and can be applied in every situation without patient selection. The main characteristics of this method are discussed: use of the mesh, fascial overlapping, relaxing incision, treatment of the transversalis fascia and calibration of the internal ring. We analyzed about 5700 hernia operations performed by different surgeons considering the situations where the mesh was used or not. There were no recurrences in patients operated with mesh, even if the mesh can lead to more complications. The main objective of this method is not only to avoid the recurrence but also to give a comfortable postoperative course.