Inguinal Hernia

provaWhat is Hernia

Hernia is the flow of content through a point of weakness in the abdominal wall. Often appears as a protrusion of the wall, which causes discomfort and sometimes pain. In most of cases, this protrusion is reducible but sometimes it causes pain during its reduction then it becomes mandatory to consult a specialist surgeon.

How to cure hernia

The best treatment is surgery, any other method is temporary, useless and even harmful. There are more than 100 surgical methods to cure the hernia. There are 3 main methods to treat hernia: Anatomic - Prosthetic - Laparoscopic. Each of these methods has its strengths and its weaknesses: Anatomical: low costs, we need more experience, most recurrences without experience Prosthesic: average costs, it takes less experience, the prosthesis defunctionalize the abdominal wall, recurrences rare. Laparoscopic: high costs, the operating time longer, it takes experience, little post operative pain, often has to be done under general anesthesia.

Why to choose our technique

Our technique differs from others because -it is anatomical, implants are not used except in cases where it is strictly necessary - : the musculature is preserved without placing full-thickness stitches in the muscles - Unlike many other technical and anatomical ' "tension free" ie' free of tension while recognizing techniques "tension free" numerous defects